Special Event Policies

MMIA has consistently recommended that cities and towns practice sound risk management principles and take reasonable steps to manage the exposures in your operations. We have always maintained that if exposures are created by others who are using municipal facilities and if you (the city) do not have the ability to control the outcome, then you should transfer that exposure onto the event holder. If you can’t control the outcomes, you do not have the ability to manage the risk. If you can’t manage the risk, you should require the person/entity who can manage the risk, to assume the exposure by accepting the liability for the event and providing insurance. 

One significant difficulty in this sound risk management practice has been the inability to find affordable insurance coverage for these events. We believe that we have found a solution to this problem. The MMIA and the Independent Insurance Agents of Montana (IIAM) have worked together to provide access to Special Events Liability Coverage for events held on municipal property in Montana that are sponsored by a private individual or organization. This program offers easy and affordable, short-term coverage for a wide variety of events. 

To obtain coverage, please contact a local Montana agent to review the event details and set up the coverage. Please allow a minimum of 5 business days prior to the event for coverage to be offered. 

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For questions, contact the MMIA at 1-800-635-3089 or the Independent Insurance Assoc. of MT (IIAMT) at 1-406-442-9555.


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