Bob Worthington Risk Management Achievement Award

In the Summer 2016 newsletter, we announced changes that were coming for the Bob Worthington Risk Management Achievement Award - we were so excited to see cities and towns nominating those who deserved recognition!

As part of a continuing tradition, we put out the nominees to MMIA staff, and they selected the winner. You can nominate a candidate today, simply by going to the BWRMAA page on the MMIA website, and completing the form; you can also see the above nomination details in full on this page. If you have any questions, please contact Janel Favero at (406) 495-7016.

FY 2016 BWRMAA Nominees

Linda Wilkins-HR Miles City: Linda Wilkins is an exceptional Human Resource professional. She takes her role as an employment practices risk manager for Miles City seriously. Over the past year, she has worked to revise policies to align with best practices and federal/state laws. She uses MMIA as a resource and always asks very appropriate questions that demonstrate her ability to identify potential risk in a given situation.

Mayor James Schell: Mayor Schell is aware of risk associated with employment practices and approaches such situations with caution. He uses MMIA as a resource and evaluates situations for risk prior to making decisions.

Joe Voss: We would love to nominate Joe Voss, our public works director, for the Bob Worthington Risk Management Achievement Award. Mr. Voss goes above and beyond on a daily basis. Joe is the only person in the public works department, which is in charge of water, sewer, parks, streets, sidewalks, the pool, two cemeteries and everyday maintenance. In his 26th year for the Town of Cascade, Joe makes sure that our water and wastewater systems are in great condition. With his assistance, our water mains have been entirely replaced and all of the bad areas of our sewer have been replaced. With this, he no longer is opening the streets to repair lines, lessening the risk for liability. Mr. Voss plays a key role in keeping our Capital Improvement Plan updated annually to upgrade our facilities to provide the safest environment possible. We recently replaced/overlaid 13 blocks of streets, eliminating potholes and cracks that pose a risk to our residents and their vehicles. Joe attends safety trainings and passes information along to our seasonal employees, making sure proper procedures are being used in each task and with Town equipment. This reduces the risk for injuries, which our claim history proves. In closing, Joe makes himself available 24/7 almost every day of the year to make sure the Town of Cascade is running efficiently and safely. We applaud his work ethic and dedication to the Town of Cascade.

City of Bozeman: It all started with a few breakfast items picked up from Costco. A few years later, and the City of Bozeman’s annual wellness screenings have evolved into a big hit! The City is a frontrunner in getting its employees to participate in Wellness screenings every year. At a 75% participation rate, the City of Bozeman dwarfed the 63% of MMIA members across the board last year. This means out of the 341 eligible employees, 257 attended the screening. Once you hear how they did it, you won’t be surprised why!
As you may know, these screenings require participants to fast for ten hours prior to the appointment. A few years ago, the City opened a bidding process to contract with a personal chef. This chef sets up a station in a breakroom. Then, after their screenings, all eligible participants (including employees, spouses, and dependents over the age of 18) can visit the chef’s station and order a customized omelet.   These omelets are wildly popular among participants—several people have mentioned that they signed up for the screening just to get one. Talk about reeling them in! On top of that, the City provides juices and coffee. This gives employees an opportunity from different departments to socialize while they eat. Certainly, the City sees the value in generating as much engagement as possible for the EB Wellness Program.  Brandi Higgins, HR Associate from the City of Bozeman stated, “We think it’s well worth the cost to keep our attendance numbers high.” Well Brandi—we do too! Kudos to you and the Bozeman team for taking it to the next level!

Helena Fire Department: The Helena Fire Department is our #1 for low work comp claim experience for the FY 2017 evaluation period and also had $0.00 for liability claim experience.

Helena Police Department: The Helena PD is nominated for extremely low liability claim experience for the FY 2017 evaluation period.

Missoula Sewer Department: We would like to recognize the Missoula Sewer Department for extremely low liability claim experience for the FY 2017 evaluation period.

Bozeman Solid Waste Department: The Bozeman SWD has extremely low claim experience in both liability and work comp for the FY 2017 evaluation period.

Jim Nugent City of Missoula Attorney: Long time MMIA Board Member, and City Attorney for the City of Missoula. Over the years, Jim has done an excellent job in keeping Missoula’s liability claim experience at rock bottom levels. Missoula consistently has the lowest liability program MOD Factor among members of this program. Kudos to Jim for an excellent job well done at managing liability risk!

Angela Swingley in Great Falls: She took the initiative after a boiler inspection to reach out to Missoula to provide excellence in boiler maintenance. Hartford Steam handles our inspections for us and the inspector mention to Angela that he uses Great Falls in his example of “What to Do” when he’s in other communities. He told Angela that he really struggles to communicate with the staff in Missoula. Angela felt the need to reach out to offer up Great Falls knowledge and expertise to help reduce the risk exposure for a fellow Risk Pool Member. She was quoted as saying “All claims matter in our pool, if there is something I can do to help, I want to do it.”

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