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Notary Bonding Services

MMIA offers access to low cost Notary Surety Bonding through Alliant Insurance Services Inc. This service is available only to appointed notary individuals associated with an MMIA member organization.

Notary surety bonding must be compliant with the laws of the State of Montana. The bond must cover four (4) years with a value of at least $10,000. For complete Montana rules please go to: http://sos.mt.gov/notary/New/index.asp

The availability of this process comes in response to numerous requests from our membership for a convenient one source process for all coverage needs. While Notary surety bonding is excluded from normal MMIA liability and crime coverage, this bonding process will facilitate member coverage for those in need of a certification requirement. MMIA also recommends an Errors & Omissions endorsement at an appropriate coverage limit.

To apply for this coverage please complete the Application. The submission will be processed by Eve Wildhagen, Alliant Insurance Services Inc. You will receive a confirmation email with a copy of the completed application at the email address provided on the application form. 

You may view the Rate Schedule below; however, MMIA does not guarantee the accuracy of these rates as they are set by Alliant Insurance Services Inc., and are subject to change. You may also contact Eve Wildhagen direct at 949-260-5007 with any questions.

It is the hope of MMIA that this process will meet our member’s needs and provide a low cost option for notary surety bonding requirements.

Rate Schedule

Alliant Notary Bonding Rate Schedule (As of Oct. 1, 2010) Please contact Alliant at (949) 660-8134 for current rates as these are subject to change. 

Notary bonding must be compliant with the laws of the State of Montana. They must be for four (4) years and have a coverage value of at least $10,000. MMIA’s re-insurance broker has agreed to find this coverage with a qualified company at the rate schedule listed below: 

 4 year Notary Bond: $40 (additional recommended) 

  •  Errors & Omissions 
  •  $10,000 - $52 
  •  $15,000 - $65 
  •  $25,000 - $78 
  •  $50,000 – 156 
  •  $100,000 - $312

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