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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have an injury on the job?

Although the Montana Workers' Compensation statutes allow for injuries to be reported to your employer within 30 days of the occurrence, it is strongly recommended you report all injuries to your supervisor/employer as soon as possible. We recommend, whether or not you receive medical treatment, that you report minor injuries as well to your employer. Once you have reported the injury to your employer, a First Report of Injury and/or Occupational Disease form must be completed, signed and submitted to your workers' compensation insurance carrier.

Are my worker's compensation medical benefits open forever?

No. Medical benefits terminate when they are not used for a period of sixty (60) consecutive months.

What if I can't work for a while?

If you suffer a total loss of wages due to your injury or occupational disease, you may be eligible for temporary total disability (TTD) benefits until your physician releases you to return to employment. You may receive weekly compensation of 66 ⅔% of your gross wages at the time of injury – up to the maximum rate of $708 per week. These benefits are payable after 4 days or 32 hours of wage loss, whichever is less.

What medical benefits are provided?

Once MMIA accepts your injury or occupational disease claim, you are entitled to reasonable doctor, hospital, prescription and medical care costs. Allowable charges are paid according to a medical fee schedule. You do not have to pay the balance between what the medical provider charges and what the MMIA pays.

Worker's Compensation Introduction

The Workers’ Compensation Program was the first MMIA program to begin operation in January of 1986. The Workers’ Compensation Program currently has 107 members, or 85 percent of all incorporated municipalities in Montana. Program attributes include:

  • Benefits provided according to state statute.
  • Utilizes prescription drug card for employee convenience.
  • Efficient in-house claims examining.

File a First Notice of Injury Here.

A First Notice of Injury lets us know that someone has gotten hurt and will help us respond quickly and efficiently.

Worker's Compensation Program Contacts

Name Position Email Extension
Amber Worman
Workers Compensation Claims Examiner
Ann Komac
Claims Manager
Denise Jensen Senior Workers Compensation Claims Examiner
Gayle Casey Workers Compensation Claims Technician gcasey@mmia.net
Katy Koehler Workers Compensation Claims Examiner kkoehler@mmia.net 112
Susan Clark
Senior Workers Compensation Claims Examiner

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